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Server AdministrationServer Administration
over night or if dealt with on a need basis or on a reactive basis. This requires round the clock and minute-to-minute monitoring, scheduled maintenance, periodic maintenance, security audits, proactive support and regular patching / upgrading of servers. You also need experts in the respective servers may it be Windows or Linux. Nidro IT solution is a leader in having specialized team for Windows and Linux managed by experts and certified specialists.... Read More

Network AdministrationNetwork Administration
Our experienced team of highly certified IT engineers does not just install networks: We integrate networks. First we ensure your physical network wiring and infrastructure will withstand today’s ever increasing bandwidth demands. From data cabling and hubs to wireless access points, switches and routers. Read More

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Last updated on 11-Mar-2021

Our strength lies in knowing your business. With each client, we take the time to study the inner workings of their organization before designing a solution. Technical ability is a crucial part of being a solution provider, but good business sense is priceless. Our true talent stems from our strong entrepreneurial spirit.

To be in par with your competitors, and provide secure, quality and cost effective services to our customers.
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